Thank You For My Smile

I was smiling at myself in the mirror this afternoon and it occurred to me that I need to tell you all how much I appreciate that smile!

It was 10 years ago that Dr. Doppel and I talked about my getting braces for the second time as an adult. I had “undone” the work that had been done by the first round of orthodontia because my tongue did not know where it belonged and it pushed against my teeth. Before she would begin working with me, Dr. Doppel prescribed speech therapy, I was crushed and tried to talk her out of it – I had worked with a speech therapist as an elementary school kid and hated it. Dr. Doppel was clear saying that she would not have prescribed something that wasn’t needed.

So I went to speech therapy and it was a challenge made easier by the amazing professional I worked with. I remember telling her that my tongue would not fit on the roof of my mouth, it was too big. She just reassured me that it would and that the roof of my mouth was just where it wanted to rest. I practiced sleeping with my mouth closed and not using water to help me swallow when I ate. Some of the exercises were tedious and some just seemed silly. In the end, though, my tongue learned all the lessons.

Now, 10 years later, my teeth are perfect. The retainers Dr. Doppel made for me still fit and, yes, I sleep in them nearly every night.

Thank you all for my smile,


Thank You So Much

Thank you so much – not only for my terrific new smile – but also for the amazing help and treatment I received during my visits. I was always treated with the upmost respect, consideration, gentleness and politeness, whether it was help with scheduling, parking or billing, or answering my many questions, ensuring everything was perfect or minimizing discomfort.

Everyone in the entire office is professional, caring, friendly and kind. You are an amazing group of women, and I think I will actually miss coming in! Thank you!

By Karen

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Dr. Doppel and her team for the exceptional treatment I have been receiving. Dr. Doppel discussed my treatment plan in consultation detailing options to correct former orthodontic outcome, approaches to realistic variable and challenge, estimated time frame, and her goals to craft a functioning bite for me added with an aesthetic smile.

Great experience, precise time spent thru all office visits. What I appreciate most is Dr. Doppel’s proficiency to cut through the long involved process efficiently; delivers with the newest technology and equipment consistently. She exudes her passion with expertise nursing the teeth movement, genuinely conveys 1-on-1 informational for questions and difficulties, and has her heart in giving me the best smile I could have.

Seeing the remarkable progress after 60% into my treatment, I am confident of Dr. Doppel’s commitment to her patients and I look forward to being seen by her for my continuing ortho health!

By Jay

Stellar Team

I have to say that my 18 months in your care has been stellar. You have always been welcoming and so helpful. I always felt that you understood the extent of treatment needed to pursue the goal… I am looking forward to having my restoratives (veneers) so that I can be fitted for retainers. Thanks for being such an awesome team!

By Helen

Worth Every Penny

Dr. Doppel and her staff are amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks professional care. You will love the results of your treatment and it’s worth every penny!

By Karolina

Best I’ve Seen!

… and I’ve seen plenty. I’ve had multiple orthodontists in the different cities in which I’ve lived. This is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. Everyone is delightful and patient, everything is explained, and they do their best to work with an individual’s requirements. Stellar!!

By Nona

Dr. Doppel and her staff are awesome

Everyone at Dr. Doppel’s office is great: they are all extremely competent, sweet, caring and will go out of their way to help you out. I’ve had nothing but the best service at Dr. Doppel’s. I highly recommend going to her for outstanding orthodontic work and service.

By Miguel

Fantastic Team

Three people in our family have received orthodontic treatment through Dr. Doppel’s office. My husband’s and my daughter’s treatments are complete, and their smiles are BEAUTIFUL. My son’s treatment will be complete in three months. We can truly say we will miss Dr. Doppel and her entire staff.

By Olin

Dr. Doppel is the best!

Went for a follow-up visit after finishing braces about a year ago. I have nothing but praise for the results, the process and the staff. Have even received compliments on my orthodontist from my regular dentist. Dr. Doppel is clearly skilled and nice to work with. Highly recommend.

By Patrick

Wonderful in every way

Dr. Doppel and everyone on her staff is wonderful in every way – professional, courteous, explains the procedures and costs up front with no surprises. Highly recommended!

By Tatum

Dr. Doppel and Staff

Dr. Doppel and staff have been great. We have had two kids there over the past 4 years. I would recommend her to anyone. I don’t feel I have to do any of my own research or do any monitoring.

By Anonymous

Recommend anyone to Dr. Doppel

Dr. Doppel is super nice, friendly, smart… and has a pretty smile! 😉 I would recommend her to all adults, but she would be great with kids, too. Nothing scary about her. My teeth look great! She explains in detail what is going on. Her staff is amazing!! Friendly, very good at what they do. On time!!! Not to mention, I love the office… beautiful and very clean.

By Maggie

5 Stars!

Everything was so nice. I was treated very well. They let me know exactly what was going on and what was going to take place. Over-communication seems to be what they are all about, and it works for them!

By Anthony

Best orthodontist!

I’m very happy with my teeth. Dr. Doppel is fantastic, and her work has given me confidence to smile more. I would not have done it any differently and don’t regret the work I had done. Dr. Doppel and her staff are wonderful.

By James

Grandparent of a Happy Patient

If you’re looking for an exceptional orthodontist for yourself or your child, I wholeheartedly suggest you schedule a consultation with Dr. Doppel. I’m confident that as a patient you’ll see great orthodontic results… and that both she and her friendly staff will make it a pleasant journey.

By Alex

Excellent Care

I can’t recommend Dr. Doppel enough. It took me several years to make the final decision to get my teeth straightened. I “interviewed” several orthodontists, and she was my pick. I could not be more satisfied with my decision. She is excellent, professional, and her prices for services are excellent considering her experience and expertise in the field.

By Shana

The best Orthodontist in Seattle/Eastside

Dr. Doppel is that rare combination of highly skilled, yet personable and accessible. Her results on our son have been outstanding. Her course of treatment was thorough and appropriate; other orthodontists we had visited were recommending teeth be pulled, or expensive scans on our son’s head. Our family cannot rave enough about our experience and will continue with her for our younger children.

By Nathaniel

Dr. Doppel is fantastic!

We came to Dr. Doppel on the recommendation of my sister who was an adult patient. When I told her that my children needed orthodontic care, she insisted that we go to Dr. Doppel, and I’m so glad that we did. Dr. Doppel and her staff are of course very knowledgeable and professional, but they are also kind and compassionate and take extra care to make sure that their patients are as comfortable as possible and as well informed as possible. I wish she had been my orthodontist when I was a kid!

By Katherine

A great smile begins from within.

Dr. Doppel and the entire staff at her orthodontic practice are not only skilled and professional in their work, but they are warm, friendly people who always make me smile. I’m an adult patient of orthodontia. I was too terrified of dental work as a child to even consider getting braces. Dr. Doppel and her staff all put me at ease each and every time, and it’s clear they care about my smile, from the inside out.

By Cynthia

Never too late for braces

I decided to get braces at age 63. 18 months later, Dr. Doppel removed the braces and the results of her work exceeded my expectations. My teeth look great and are much easier to keep clean. Dr. Doppel runs a very efficient office, and her staff are simply the best! I looked forward to each appointment and never had an uncomfortable or painful moment during the whole process.

By Maren

Best Orthodontist!

Dr. Doppel and her staff are very professional and energetic. I had braces for the second time, despite wearing my retainers diligently for 11 years, and Dr. Doppel made my teeth look even better than I thought was possible. Her assistants and front desk staff are all very friendly, helpful and upbeat. I truly enjoyed coming to their office and would recommend them without any reservations to anyone that needs orthodontic treatment. I hope Dr. Doppel is still in business when my kids need braces!

By Lindsay

Great initial consultation

The consultation I received was exceptional. It was thorough, thoughtful and educational. The treatment coordinator was also very thorough and personable. It was exactly as I’d hoped my consultation would be.

By Sandra

Dr. Doppel is a perfectionist and a whiz solving orthodontic issues with Invisalign.

I put off getting braces until I was in my 50’s. I am really glad because if I had done it earlier, I probably would not 1) had Invisalign, the most user-friendly braces on the planet, and 2) have had the professional expertise of Dr. Doppel and her most excellent office and dental assistance staff! If you need braces or have othodontia issues, call Dr. Doppel!

By Alice

Exceptional, professional service

Teeth are one of those things we aren’t going to skimp on. We set the bar very high, searched for the absolute best and found her. Dr. Doppel and her staff are exceptionally up-to-date in their methods, reliably on time and clearly explain every aspect of care from projected outcomes and schedules to insurance. Great overall experience, true professionals and two sets of gorgeous teeth to show for it. I have no doubt that this office is committed to my kids’ long term ortho condition. Knowing that I can return for any issues that may arise as they grow and mature is a luxury of a confidence. Highly recommend. And for any other germophobes out there – the office is immaculate.

By Ian

Dr. Diane Doppel provides excellent orthodontic care.

Dr. Diane Doppel is a superb orthodontist who spends time with her patients to explain necessary procedures. Her skills result in stunningly beautiful, perfectly-functioning teeth. My teeth and bite were scrambled beyond belief by previous jaw surgery. Dr. Doppel’s skills literally “gave me back” my ability to chew as well as a happy smile that both my friends and strangers comment is beautiful.

By Janet


I could not recommend Dr. Doppel and her staff enough. If I move out of Seattle, I will fly back to Seattle for my periodic check-ups. Seriously.

By Tom

Superb Orthodontic Care & a Caring Staff to Boot!

I would never have believed that having orthodontic work done would be such a joyful, educational process! A kind doctor with superb knowledge who consistently articulates with great clarity what she recommends, what the plan is, and where we’re going next, and a sweet staff who greet me cheerfully every time I come in. A relaxed atmosphere and beautiful light-filled office as well. Oh yes, and my teeth look really fantastic! Nice bite indeed. 🙂

By Ceci

Great Experience – So Glad I Did It

I have enjoyed every single visit to Dr. Doppel’s office. The people are super friendly and fun. It made what could be a pretty painful experience anything but. My teeth look great, and I actually enjoyed getting them that way.

By Kristi

True service, value, and professionalism

Dr. Doppel and her staff are extremely friendly, professional and educated. While working on my teeth, they answer all my questions and make sure that I am comfortable with my treatment. When I go into the office, everyone is warm and friendly. They always remember the last conversations we have had. Everyone is always smiling. Erin has been great with sending my all FSA receipts on time. When Dr. Doppel examines my teeth, she always explains to me what is going on and how I can do small things to improve my teeth. Keep up all the hard work! The cost for treatment is worth the price when you’re working with people that are passionate about their profession.

By Candace

Great team

Dr. Doppel and staff are warm, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They have made my orthodontic treatment as good as it possibly could be. I highly recommend them.

By Steve

Top-notch orthodontist, the best of the best

Dr. Diane Doppel has created a dazzling smile out of my teenager’s previously messy teeth/bite and had the most amazing, professional yet friendly bedside manner throughout our treatment. After questionable experiences with other orthodontists, she has been 110% trustworthy. We offer the highest praise one can give.

By Nathaniel

The smile that was once hidden, has come out to shine!

As soon as my first appointment with Dr. Doppel, I knew I made the right decision. I’ve never been a big smiler due to some crooked teeth. With each appointment and adjustment, my confidence began to build, and the smile that was once hidden came out to shine, big time! My family and co-workers all have commented on how great my teeth look, and I tell everyone I can about Dr. Doppel. My smile speaks for itself. Dr. Doppel gave me a new lease on life with my beautiful smile, and what a blessing to be able to give that opportunity to my son who will be starting the orthodontia process with Dr. Doppel in the next couple of weeks. In closing, I have to say, I feel like a movie star with my million dollar smile. I love it, I love it, I love it!

By Loralee

Loved stopping in

I haven’t had braces for a good 8 years now, but my permanent bottom retainer came loose the other day, and my orthodontist in my home state had recommended Dr. Doppel’s office to fix it. Scheduling an appointment was quick and easy, and when I arrived, everyone was really friendly. They were able to fix me up and send me on my way with no trouble. Thanks!

By Kelsey

Something to smile about

Dr. Doppel is a highly trained and caring professional – and a consummate perfectionist. If she’s happy with the results of her work, it’s a given that you will be. Dr. Doppel and her fabulous team have been working for the past 2 years to correct my bite and smile, and I am amazed by how much of a difference they were able to make in such a seemingly short period of time. I would recommend Dr. Doppel and her team to anyone.

By Mary

My orthodontist and her staff are the best!

I entered my orthodontic treatment when I was in my 60’s and could not be happier with the results. Dr. Doppel originally estimated that I would be in braces for 18 months, but it now appears that my time-frame may be shortened to 14 months or less. More importantly, my teeth have never looked better, and I love the results.

By Anonymous

A+, Hands down the only Ortho I will ever go to

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Doppel’s for years now, and all three of my kids are being treated by her as well. Her staff is very professional, patient and so accommodating. Every time I call or go in, everyone there treats you like family. Orthodontia is the best investment I’ve ever made, and I have always felt like I’m in the very best hands when working with Dr. Doppel. She is very good at what she does. They even offer very affordable payment plans, so there really is no excuse. I just love Dr. Doppel and her staff, and I can’t rave about them enough!

By Anonymous

High praises for Dr. Doppel and her staff

My dentist referred me to Dr. Doppel and told me that Dr. Doppel has treated her own children. I have the highest praise for Dr. Doppel and her staff. The entire office is very efficient, the staff are friendly and helpful, and most importantly, my orthodontic care has been superb. I have already recommended Dr. Doppel to friends.


Highest rating possible

I really enjoy everyone in Dr. Doppel’s office. They make getting braces an enjoyable experience.

By Kristi

Wonderful Orthodontist Office!

Everyone in this office is friendly, professional, helpful and caring. Their office is relaxing and warm, and I look forward to my visits here. They go above and beyond in providing quality service. I recently had a baby and brought my son, Peter, to an appointment. Erin was a trooper and played with him while I got my braces adjusted. Everyone here always has a smile and their sincere joy is contagious. I always leave with a smile on my face too!

By Lindsay