Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

Some online orthodontic companies make their treatment sound as simple as taking a selfie. Some will ask you to include your selfie with an impression of your teeth or get your teeth scanned. Next, you receive aligners in the mail, and after so many months – straight teeth! Right? What else is there to think about? Well, we can name a few.

Is an Orthodontic Specialist supervising your treatment?

In most instances, direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies do not involve the in-person evaluation and/or in-person supervision of your orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist.

Orthodontic treatment involves the movement of biological material, which could lead to potentially irreversible and expensive damage such as tooth and gum loss, changed bites, and other issues if not done correctly.

How customized is your treatment?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to orthodontic treatment, which is why a thorough examination of the teeth, their position in the jaws and the relationship of the upper and lower jaws is imperative to developing a custom treatment plan.

Orthodontists closely study dental records such as panoramic x-rays to evaluate any concerns or potential problems that may be hiding below the surface.

Consider this:

What other transforming medical treatment would you undergo without an in-person, pre-treatment evaluation, or ongoing in-person supervision from a medical professional?

Remember that orthodontic treatment is not a product or device – orthodontic treatment is a professional, medical service. At Pacific Orthodontics, you will receive care with a trained, experienced and highly skilled orthodontist who will customize your treatment for your specific needs.

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